What To Do When You Can’t Blog

Ever since I put out my hat as a professional blogger last summer, I’ve been more fatigued on a regular basis than with any other career. Problogging is hard work. This no doubt also comes from poor eating and sleeping habits while I surf the net researching for future  posts. Well things came to a […]

Can You Afford Not To Blog? Maybe.

Scrivs posted today that he was surprised by the amount of freelancers who don’t blog to promote themselves. On the one hand, I agree. Blogging can be a great way to position yourself as an authority in your service market. On the other hand… 1. Are you a natural writer? Most people… aren’t. There’s little […]

Discovering the Hidden Details in Your Blog

We have mentioned a couple of the big things you can find in Performancing Metrics, there are other seemingly smaller items though that pack a big punch collectively. Sometimes you can make a lot of progress by gradual tweakage and if you are lucky your stats can work like your own psychic hotline to your […]

Affiliate Tips For Bloggers

Before concentrating on blogging I spent quite a while creating websites purely for affiliate marketing purposes. While I was never particularly happy with sites that were all about pushing people towards merchants, I did learn some techniques that would work on good quality content sites and legitimate, clean blogs.

10 Tips for Attracting More Comments

Your blog can be thought of in many ways. As a pulpit, a soapbox, a magazine, a platform, a newsletter, a diary. A lot of bloggers focus on the “broadcast” aspects, getting their message out. While great content is essential, never neglect the community element of your blog. As we have shown your audience can […]

Getting Passionate – 10 tips for loving your niche

In my last post I said you either have to make your work of love pay or find a new “money niche”. I also said that you need to write with passion. How do you get passionate about a subject you don’t love?Well of course the easy answer is to find a profitable niche that […]

HOWTO: Automatically Create Affiliate Links

In my previous blog template programming posts I have concentrated on adverts. You can make money on your blog from straight links too, though it can be laborious adding them in. This is where todays piece of code comes in, using this snippet you can automagically convert product names into affiliate links. This code should […]

A Better Structure for Blog Networks

I’ve been thinking a bit about blog networks, and the way they’re structured of late. A friend and I have been discussing this for months on an “on/off” basis and one thing strikes me every time I look at a network: There is room for much improvement in structure. Let me start by saying that […]