New Models Needed in Web Advertising

RedHerring have a report on an advertising panel at Web2.0 that looked at how web ads can be improved. This is something that interests me greatly. I think for the most part, even Adsense, which arguably does a good job of tailoring ads to users, is not even 20% as effective as it should be. […]

Ad Placement on Blogs

Duncan Riley posted on ad sizes and placement over at the Blog Herald. Personally, I think a three column format, with ads (sky) on the left and menu on the right can’t be beat (and of course, put a medium or large rectangle in between the post and the comment box). But Duncan hasn’t done […]

Weblogs Inc Adsense Case Study Posted

The Adsense team have posted a case study of Jason Calanis’ Weblogs Inc. You may recall that WIN was sold to AOL. The study looks at how WIN used channels and link units to take their blogs from $300 a day to $3000 a day. Nice work Jason and the team!