Hook, Line, and Sinker

Nick talks about blog snobs in a recent post. As I learned a few days ago, there’s more than one type of snob on the Internet, and no matter what you do, they’re always right. So to really f**k’em up, I praise them for criticizing me, in the most honest way possible. (I’m not going […]

Don’t Put All Your Effort Into Blogging

If you visit Performancing regularly, I’m hazarding a guess that you want a career as a blogger. If you’ve put ALL your time and effort into becoming an aspiring problogger like I have, you run the risk of suffering from a number of ailments … Constantly refreshing your blog statistics, just so that you don’t […]

Ads Are The Cost of Doing Business Online

Warning: rant ahead. Nick talks about conversational advertising, one of the alternatives to regular advertising that some bloggers are trying out. The one thing that we constantly have to remind ourselves is that there really is no such thing as free anything. Advertising has to appear in some form. Everything costs something, somehow, sometime, somewhen. […]

Supplement Your Blogging Income With E-Reports

Andy talks about RFIDNews.org and their paid archive subscription model. This is an excellent idea and a carryover from niche newsletters. I remember the newsletter craze of the early 1990s. Business, entrepreneurship, health, law, and financial newsletters commanded $97-1,000/yr per subscription, but had to be spot on with their articles. Just a few dozen subscriptions […]

Blog About What You Love, The Money Will Follow

Any of you who write – or plan to write – more than one blog probably know what it’s like to chase topics around to blog about. Since I launched my problogging-in-training career last June, I’ve mostly ignored those topics that I know about the most and thus can write about the most passionately. Even […]

5 Steps To Increased Blogging Productivity with PFF

In my last post, I talked about how to find writing ideas using your web analytics package. Here’s a simple technique I used in Firefox, with the Performancing for Firefox extension, to set up several posts and increase my productivity. Step 1: In your blog’s web analytics reports, find the one that shows the top […]

What To Write About – Finding Ideas

In Chris’ “Learn, Blog, Earn” post, his first subheading is “Lots of people want to learn new things”. Truer words were never said, especially in regards to the Internet. So how do you figure out what people want to learn? The answer is actually a lot simpler than you might think.If you already have a […]

21 Important Blog Platform Features

With the latest WordPress (2.0) recently released and appearing to be a seeming disappointment (at least to me), I sat down to list the features I look for in a blogging platform. With several clients and friends/ family currently asking me to set them up to blog, it became clear to me that their needs […]