The Thesis Theme for WordPress

The Thesis theme framework from DIYThemes boasts of a no-frills, content-championing philosophy and aesthetic in order to build a site, all while providing its users with powerful options to do so.

Out of the box, Thesis has a stark yet highly readable appearance that will appeal to those who value typography, whitespace, and clean lines. But that is just the blank canvas, which you can customize using the Thesis Design Options page.

Modify each layout area’s font, text size, color, links, then apply changes to the overall width, padding, and sidebar display of your site. You can also enable or disable Thesis built-in features like the Multimedia Box and Feature Box, and make your mark on your site instantly by simply uploading a custom header. What’s more, all such settings can be downloaded or uploaded in one go, for both convenience and backup.

As you dig deeper into Thesis you’ll discover more treats that make publishing articles that much more convenient: support for pull quotes, drop caps, ad placements, and more. And once you feel the need to do something really custom, there are dozens of guides on the site that will walk you through writing code in the custom functions and stylesheet files.