Headway Themes

In the WordPress theme world, you can try to stand out in different ways, but few go as far as Headway Themes, which takes theme customization to a whole new level: drag and drop.

At the heart of the Headway Themes system is Headway Base, which provides you the functionality needed to build a completely custom site layout from scratch, but with much less of the discomfort you’ll experience when coding it by hand. This theme is all about working in the back-end interface, starting with the Grid page. Click and then drag anywhere on the page to draw a block, then identify which type of block it’s supposed to be: header, navigation, content, sidebar/widget area, footer. The next step is to fine-tune the appearance using the visual editor: fonts, colors, border styles, background images, rounded corners, shadows, all these things are available for you to tinker with. The interface sports a light on dark color scheme, which not all people may find comfortable to work in.

There’s also a layout selector that lets you customize individual posts and pages for fine-grained control. It’s also hierarchical, meaning you can have sub-layouts whose appearance are based on its parent layout.

This design-focused theme framework also puts a premium on search engine optimization with its built-in site-wide SEO templates, as well as post-specific SEO options: title, description, noindex, nofollow, noarchive, and best of all, search engine result preview: so you can see exactly how your blog post turns up in searches.

For the codemonkeys, there’s a live CSS editor available that applies the changes as you type them in. There’s also an API available for building custom content blocks, which can even be sold in the Headway Marketplace. Conscious about various browser sizes and mobile devices? Version 3.0.5 has introduced a fully responsive grid which resizes the site to match its viewport.