FacePress Community Builder Theme

The FacePress theme, as its name implies, is where Facebook’s social features applied on the WordPress platform, but also seems to work nicely for other purposes: portfolio sites, image galleries, content sharing, visually-leaning blog, and more.

Let’s get the first question out of the way: yes, of course there are Likes. The other method of interacting, comments, is also available using either the WordPress comment system or of Facebook. You can also register / login to the site using your FB credentials aside from the regular WP way.

The user profile page is formatted a la Facebook’s timeline layout, containing one’s own posts and liked posts of other people. You can also change this to other options: with widgets, posts, or static page. Found in the other profile tabs are favorites, followers, and following—also akin to the recent shift from two-way to one-way connections on the social network.

Creating content can be done directly on the front-end (instead of the WordPress back-end), and the same can be done when editing profile details. When it’s time to post you can choose from various post formats: text, photo, video, audio, attachment. There are also custom post options for special status updates like documents (demos/downloadable files), locations (with map interface), people, events, and more.
Design-wise, you can switch between “day” and “night” color schemes by simply clicking the Settings tab on the left side. Posts can be displayed as: with sidebar, no-sidebar (full width), no-meta, no-meta and no-sidebar. Multiple posts / archive and search pages can be displayed as: grid-view with or without sidebar, list-view with sidebar, and timeline view. Shortcodes for tables, tabs, toggles, lists, buttons are in abundance, and purchasing the FacePress theme also gives you access to its PSD files.