AGT Noname Ajax

AGT Noname Ajax is the WordPress version of the original HTML template. This theme is optimized for portfolio and studio sites, although it works just as well for a modern, edgy site if you take those features out.

The first thing I noticed is how the header slider is composed of attention-grabbing headlines and paragraph text that slide in chunks, instead of the usual full-width images. This area can then be collapsed so the reader can move on to browse the rest of the site.

The next section is the navigation area—two sets of them actually. The first one is in the header / logo area, that allows for dropdowns and makes snappy sliding effects when you hover. The second and more prominent one contains the main pages of the site: Works, Blog, Services, Team, and Contact. Clicking on each of the circular icons loads the corresponding page inline below using AJAX and snaps to that area so you don’t have to scroll to it.

These pages have their own distinct layouts and features: the Works page displays portfolio items, which can be filterable by category, can contain both images and video, and can be displayed in each of its own sliders. The Blog is a grid of image-focused posts designed a la Pinterest. The Contact page has a map, a form, and a box for contact details.

Each page has a back to top icon that appears floating on the left side when you scroll past a certain height. Custom styles and elements are available for message boxes, pull quotes, highlighted text (yellow, red, gray), tables, code blocks, accordions, toggles, tabs, drop caps, and even a latest tweets widget. AGT Noname Ajax also has 10 background patterns and 4 color schemes to choose from—orange, blue, green, violet.