Start A Keyword Marketing Strategy

A keyword is a word or phrase entered in a search engine query, such as Google or Bing, to get information on specific topics. To develop a keyword strategy you can use what the consumer searches for by optimizing your website around keywords that are relevant to your business.  It can be difficult to know exactly which keywords will get the most relevant people to find your website, but there are several ways to determine the popularity and competitiveness of certain keywords. Here is a list of steps to start a keyword marketing strategy:

Step 1) Create a list of 3-5 keywords relevant to your business. This can be words and short phrases that get to the core of what your product or service is about.

Step 2) Less competitive keywords that are specifically related to your business are a better choice then highly competitive keywords. The greater the amount of searches on keywords, the more competitive the keyword is.

Step 3) Design and optimize your website around your company specific keywords. The keywords you have chosen for your website should be included in key places.

The best advice I can give is to design your website for the visitors and not the search engines.  Concentrate more on your on page SEO.  Presenting your content well on your website can greatly improve your search engine rankings. Having a keyword strategy will be important for future high rankings in the search engines. The key is having great informational content for the searching consumers. There are many strategies for getting your business to the top of the search engines, but having a keyword strategy will help build a solid foundation for your future online marketing.

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  1. Very interesting approach. Search engine optimisation seems to be a very skilled activity. Running a non-commercial site without any resources it is not easy. However, I wil try what you say.

  2. I would be interested in your personal take on how to effectively implement those keywords such as density and placement. I look forward to your response.

  3. Keyword or keyword phrase is actually one of the most important method in marketing. This also helps website/s get high rank at Google.

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