Freelance Business Feature Writer - $125 Per Article

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Company Name Small Business Drives America
Location Telecommute, United States
Date Posted February 25, 2013
Category Copywriter
Job Type Per Post Fee


We’re looking for a freelance business feature writer who excels at spotting the actionable business lessons arising from conversations with small business owners and small business experts.

We’ll provide you audio interviews we conduct with the entrepreneurs and experts, as well as a transcript. Typically the interviews run between 10 and 25 minutes.

We want you to write an engaging, educational feature (roughly 500 – 600 words) based upon each interview. We want features that enlighten our readers on ways they can apply lessons you glean from the interviews to their own enterprises and business lives.

Sometimes – and this is important – our interview subjects do not themselves know the ways in which their experiences can teach their peers important lessons. So it’s your job, as an insightful feature writer, to extrapolate the useful content from what the interview subject says.

Typically, it will take you about 4 hours to listen, read and write a quality profile. Sometimes a bit of extra online research is helpful to fill in missing facts or provide a broader perspective. This does NOT require interviewing anyone.

We pay $125 per completed, accepted article. We buy all rights, print, electronic, and everything else. We will assign you one or two features a week. Generally, you will have 3 to 5 days (including weekends) to turn around each article. (This gives you great flexibility to work on our assignments at night, weekends or whenever you have a few extra creative hours.)


First, an apology. When we post opportunities such as this, we’re often flooded with candidates. We don’t have the staff to respond to each applicant individually – as much as we’d like to. So thank you, in advance, for your interest.

If we think you might be the right fit for this opportunity, we’ll contact you. We need you to provide us both a day and evening phone number (and any times NOT to phone).

We absolutely don’t want a resume or your entire employment/education history. Instead, we’re looking for an original, concise paragraph or two (at most) explaining your interest and qualification for this freelance opportunity. Impress us with your ability to get the message across succinctly.

Please email us. You will be writing for our weekly e-newsletter and for our affiliated feature wire service. You can view our latest newsletter issue at You can see our feature wire (Cranberry Newswire – still in beta) at