Elevenses: Chitka, 7 SIns, Asking for Links, More

There’s a few interesting stories and posts out there for your Monday morning elevenses, here they are in no particular order. If you have tips or links for performancing you can send them to editor@performancing.com Chitika on “Curiosity Clicks” After Chitika’s ad unit tweaks to address “curiosity clicks”, they’re making an attempt to explain things […]

Looking at Adsense’s On-Site Advertiser Program

Google have announced a new scheme where your Adsense blocks now can invite advertisers to sign up and advertise on your site. What does this mean to you us as publishers? What’s this all about? If you log in to your adsense account now you should see a little caption that says NEW Gain new […]

Amazon Beta Chitika Killer

Amazon have begun a beta program with it’s affiliates to test a system that will surely rival Chitika, but also IntelliTXT. No, im not kidding — popup JS windows that activate onhover on links linking to Amazon products. They show the usual suspects: Title, price, buy now, and could well be, if adopted and rolled […]

With Navigation, Less Is More

The state of navigational links on blogs is getting out of hand. If you’re blog’s purpose is to make money, why do we insist on distracting our readers with hundreds of useless links? Your blog should guide your reader to where she wants to go, or to allow her to discover where she wants to […]

The Great Adsense Hypocrisy

I was giving a little thought to Philipp’s credibility and affiliate links post today, and it struck me, not for the first time, how ludicrous some of the arguments for disclosing affiliate links in blogs are. At the extrememe end of the disclosure argument you have those that think every affiliate link should be followed […]

Chitika CTR Set to Plummet

Chitika have announced that they are to address the issue of “curiosity clicks” by de-linking some of the text in their ad units. The result? Most likely a dramatic decrease in CTR and revenue for publishers. They’ve said that they will give an extra 10% bonus to publishers for two weeks to compensate for the […]

Typepad’s Mea Culpa – Is It Enough?

Due to poor, slow, and spotty service in the last month or two, Typepad has announced an odd compensation plan to all of its customers. Basically, users can choose to get 15 days of hosting free, or 30, or 45, or zero, depending on what they think they deserve. Well what if I deserve more? […]

Exploring your Link Neighborhood

After having some fun talking about linkbaiting and a cautionary tale of bad link company, I went to visit an old link visualization tool, that still rocks. If you’ve not seen the TouchGraph Google Browser before, go have a look, but be warned, you may need to be using IE, the website looks like a […]

9rules Bags Om Malik

One of my favorite tech bloggers, Om Malik, has announced that he’s joining the 9rules network. Om blogs on VoIP and network technology (mostly) and will join the 9rules network today. That’s an enormous catch for 9, as Scrivs says, “Om is a big fish in our little pond”. Congratulations to both Om and 9rules!

Blog Advertising Programs A-Z

Adsense and Chitika are not the only fruit. Far from it in fact, there’s quite a number of programs out there that can be run on your blog, some contextual, some not. I’d like to put a list together of the A-Z of advertising options for bloggers. The list so far is pretty good, but […]