The Top 50 SEO & SEM Bloggers Worth Following

Image byPubConvia CrunchBase Anyone who wants to run a serious blog or website needs solid information on the ever changing nature of the SEO/SEM game. If you’re looking to make it to the top of the charts on the web, you’ve got your work cut out for you and you’ll want every tip, trick and […]

Blackhat SEO: Never a Long-Term Strategy

In the world of Internet business, just as in life offline, there are those who are looking to make a fast buck and there are those who want to earn their way to the top in order to create a lasting business venture. When it comes to SEO, these two approaches to the search engine […]

Ubiquity on the Internet

There’s a saying that you only exist if you can be found on the first or even second page of Google. I want to go as far as saying that on the Internet, your brand (meaning the product you market, or even something as personal as your blog) should be ubiquitous. In trying to explain […]

Life After Blogs: What’s Next in Social Media

The Death of Blogs There has been quite a bit of buzz around the Internet lately about the death of blogs. This discussion is fueled in part by the recent departure of some high profile bloggers from the blogosphere. The irony of this discussion, of course, is that much of it is occurring on blogs. […]

5 Tips to Turn a Blog into a Business

Some people start a blog purely as a hobby, but little do they know when they have gathered quite a few of loyal readers, they can turn the blog into a lucrative business. Either that, or the big corporations are going to take advantage of them. Receiving a press release in your email is a […]

7 Places to Get Backlinks and Build Blog Authority

For online marketers, blog promotion is all about link building. Well, mostly. No matter what you do, your ultimate goal should be to get more links to boost authority of your blog. As you may already know, that helps your search engine rankings and also get you referral traffic from the originating sites or blogs. […]

Scour- New Search engine in town

Recently I came across search engine called scour, which claims that users will get paid to search on their search engine. I was bit of confused about this idea of getting paid to search so i decided to give it shot. What’s new in scour? Scour combines search results of google, yahoo, msn and display […]

Interview with Mr. Larry W. Phillips, Editor of “Ernest Hemingway on Writing”

It is a pleasure and honor to welcome Mr. Larry W. Phillips. In 1984, he was the editor for a book that has become an essential tool for the contemporary writer: “Ernest Hemingway on Writing.” The book is available on Preface to his Book on Mr. Hemingway “This book contains Hemingway’s reflections on the […]

Are you passionate about blogging?

This is a guest post by Alan Johnson, be sure to check out his contest (with prizes worth over $1000) over at Most online entrepreneurs out there make the mistake of launching a blog just because they see it as a potential moneymaking machine. Is that your case, do you only blog in order […]